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S Synthesis strength

Pengo Technology has an organic chemical synthesis laboratory and a pilot laboratory. It has a multifunctional synthesis workshop in Yichun, Jiangxi Province, covering an area of 120 mu, which can be engaged in pipeline liquid nitrogen ultra-low temperature reaction (- 80 ° C) to high temperature reaction (350 ° C).

Common reactions

Coupling reaction Grignard reaction low temperature reaction(-80℃)
halogenation reaction nitratlon reaction complexation
diazotization hofmann reaction Rearrangement reaction
condensation reaction Carbonylation Methylation
oxidizing reaction reduction reaction cyclization
nitrosation acylation reaction analysis (optical isomer)


Main synthetical instruments

Glass lined reactors stainless steel reaction still borosilicate glass condenser
Extra low temperature reaction equipment(-80℃) stainless steel high-pressure reaction still glass lining high-pressure reaction still
pyrolytic reaction instrument centrifugal machine pressure filter
batch filter dryer filter stainless steel rectifying column
borosilicate glass rectifying column distillation equipment centrifugal molecular distillation equipment


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