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The R&D center can provide customized service of bulk drugs or fine chemical products in gram and kilogram grades for friends in chemical industry and pharmaceutical material field. At the same time, the core role of R&D center is for the development of conventional products of the company, and the development of customer designated process. The company particularly welcomes the cooperation with large domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers. The company established joint laboratory with relevant universities to improve the company's core competitiveness.

In addition, we also cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Zhejiang University College of Pharmacy, Zhejiang University of Technology College of Pharmacy and other institutions, developed a certain achievements. Other employees of the company engaged in the pharmaceutical synthesis business are all doctoral students and master students with years of experiecen in pharmaceutical synthesis. They have some research and achievements in the technical field, and also have rich practical experience in engineering amplification. The company and its employees have published three invention patents, five pending invention patents, and several research papers have been published in core journals. The research and development of the process basically reached the domestic first-class level, and part of the process is in the leading position at home and abroad.

Multi-functional laboratory 
Multi-functional laboratory is located in Donghu High-tech Smart City of Gedian Economic Development Zone, covers an area of 600㎡, equipped complete facilities to meet the needs of a variety of R&D projects, and multiple independent ventilation cabinet.

R & D power    R & D power    R & D power    R & D power


The semi-works is located in Xianning city, Hubei Province, covering an area of 3,000㎡; is equipped with several sets of reaction kettle from 50L to 500L, high and low temperature circulation device (-40℃-200℃), ultra low temperature reaction device (-120℃), vacuum and atmospheric distillation column (2-6m), molecular distillation, solid distillation equipments and etc.


Semi-works    Semi-works    Semi-works    Semi-works


Quality assurance
The analysis and testing center is equipped with advanced HPLC, GC, NMR, LCMS, elemental analysis and other equipments.

Quality assurance    Quality assurance    Quality assurance    Quality assurance

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